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Travellers’ Field, Radclive Road

The planning history of the Field is as follows:
·         2006.  Planning consent granted for stables and menage on a limited area of the field.
·         2017.  Application made by the travellers to develop with 13 pitches – 2 vans per pitch.
·         2017.  High Court Injunction issued in favour of AVDC,  forbidding residential use of the field or any development without planning consent.
·         2019.  Appeal by travellers for non-determination of the application by AVDC.
·         2020.  Appeal dismissed.

Buckinghamshire Council is the responsible planning authority and Enforcement Officers have been involved with the situation since being informed of possible planning infringements by the Parish Clerk on 26th October 2020.  The Parish Clerk relies on information being provided by residents on all parish-related matters so that the Parish Council can take appropriate action.  In this case, the Parish Clerk will send relevant information through to the Enforcement Officers.  Alternatively, residents may wish to send information direct to the Enforcement Officers at the address noted below.

Any interested person may make reasonable representations by e-mail to the Enforcement Officers:
Relevant information may be forwarded to the Parish Clerk at:    
Please note  The Parish Council has no planning jurisdiction in planning application or enforcement  matters.  Its function is to offer observations and information to Buckinghamshire Council planners in the same way as residents are granted the facility to make representations.  


Street lighting in Gawcott  
The majority of parish councils are responsible for the provision and maintenance of street lighting, the costs being recovered through the precept collected from residents with the council tax.  Unusually, street lighting in Gawcott is provided and maintained by Buckinghamshire Council and, whilst this sounds attractive, it means that we are at the mercy of the award winning partnership between Buckinghamshire Council and Ringway Jacobs, named Transport for Bucks [TfB].
The street-lighting issues which we are experiencing result from an inability of the TfB Streetlighting Team to get to grips with the faults presented by our various street lamps and to deliver a service which has been repeatedly promised over the past six years.  The explanations are various:
1. The new heritage lamps. These were installed to replace the bracket lamps which were fixed to the poles carrying the overhead electricity wires around the village.  We are told the manufacturers have gone out of business and the control gear for these lights is no longer available.  In May, this year we were told alternatives had been sourced but so far no repairs have been carried out.
2. The orange bracket lamps. These we are informed are ‘out of date’ and no spares are available.  Nearly two years ago they were to be replaced with new LED bracket lamps. A few spares have been salvaged from lamps replaced elsewhere but in two cases the ‘repair’ has been effected by taking the whole lamp away with no replacement provided.  No new bracket lights have been supplied.
3. The ‘new’ Buckingham Road ‘non’ streetlights.  The new lighting poles provided for Buckingham Road were installed five years ago when it was planned that the overhead wires and poles with lamps attached would be removed.  The new lamps were not connected and Western Power subsequently decided to leave the overhead wires in place.  As noted above, we were informed nearly two years ago that the ‘new’ lamps would be removed and the old bracket lamps replaced with new LED bracket lamps.  To date, no action.
4. Bollard Lamps in Back Street.  These were installed at the same time as the heritage lights elsewhere.  The lamps installed were not of the specification agreed and do not have louvres to spread the light across the adjoining path/roadway.  As a result they proved a nuisance to adjoining owners and have been switched off. Despite repeated promises of remedial works over the last five years, these lamps are unserviceable.   
5.  Buckingham Road/Gawcott Road footpath lighting. In a bid to save energy without any  consideration of inconvenience or danger to road users, the previous lighting along the path was turned off in September 2008 by the ten Bucks CC.  There was little consultation.  Since then, repeated requests have been made to replace the lighting and some progress has been made, but this has taken twelve years and it is still not a completed contract.  Some of the lamps in place do not comply with the agreed specification, other lamps are not connected and two have not been installed.
You will understand why the statement on the Ringway Jacobs website about the partnership with Buckinghamshire is treated with some scepticism:
Focused on local delivery, we work closely with our Buckinghamshire and elected Members to continually improve the service and identify how things can be done differently, which has delivered year-on-year efficiency savings.
We continue to cajole, plead with and badger Buckinghamshire Council to get their ‘partner’ to deliver the service for which they pay Ringway Jacobs and for which we all pay through the Council Tax.  Every resident can help by continually reporting faults through the ‘Fix my Street’ website.  The larger the weight of reports, the more likely it is that someone in Aylesbury will take some notice.
Alan D White.  Gawcott with Lenborough Parish Council


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